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The Sights You Love to See in Brown County


A "Must Have" for anyone who loves Brown County!

I created my Brown County Coloring Book not only as a souvenir for all of the folks who come to visit Brown County each year but, also as a way of memorializing the way of life that I love so much here in Brown County. The book is full of iconic things that you will find here, both past and present. You will find familiar sights, such as your favorite shops, public art, nature, as well as some fun stuff thrown in the mix. I hope you will enjoy the sneak peeks that I have included below. I am well into the second book at this point. So, please watch for Volume 2 in 2021! 

$10 +shipping


Brown County Adult Coloring Book

Brown County Coloring Book

A Promise For Brown County

CRC mural.jpg
CRC Mural

"A Promise For Brown County" is a mural that I created to represent the Career Resource Center as a center of promise for the community and the future of Brown County. 

Fresh Take Kitchen

Fresh Take Kitchen Art

Fresh Take Kitchen is an eating establishment located in Columbus, Indiana. The restaurant provides a menu of culturally diverse cuisine. I participated in this joint project to create themed art that would represent many different cultures to decorate the patio dining area. I was asked to create pieces to represent China and Central America. I researched tapestries from these two areas of the world. I recreated different elements out of the blankets and tapestries that I had found and put them together to become the backgrounds of these pieces. I was given photos of the women which I then manipulated, to make them look more as part of the artwork rather than just a photo. 

Mini Art Installation Sanitation Stations

Public Art Brown County Design LLC

"Rolanda" is one of my acrylic paintings that is now part of an installation of mini street art used to decorate public hand sanitizing stations. The stations are distributed throughout the streets of Nashville, IN.

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